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Meet Molly

Molly is the property manager of Anne Arundel Acres, but her boss and her tenants think of her as a property hero. And a lot of it has to do with pdqSMART. Here’s why.

Anne Arundel Acres is a high-end multi-family community in Kennett Square PA. Until recently, there weren’t enough hours in the day for Anne Arundel’s property manager, Molly, to get everything done. That’s all changed with pdqSMART, the new smart lock that makes her job easy, gives her tenants unfettered access to everything they need, and provides total accountability to the owners, all for a fraction of a big-name brand access control system.

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Ditch the keys for good

Ditch the Keys for Good!

Residents want to know that their locks are secure and that their privacy is intact. The media is full of stories about people being “hacked” and having their personal data stolen. That guy in 402 is always talking about drawbacks to modern technology.

Retrofits are easy with pdqSMART

An owner’s dilemma: All our properties have different locks. Anne Arundel Acres’ portfolio was built through acquisitions and we are just now beginning to build our own properties. How do we blend the old and the new? Managing keys to them all is challenging enough. Can smart locks improve our efficiency and productivity?

Retrofits are easy with pdqSMART
Turn tenatnts smartphones into keys

Turn Tenant's Smartphones into Keys

People use their phones for practically everything, so why not a key? As a property manager, do you really want to call a locksmith every time a tenant moves away, or worse yet, when they accidentally get locked out?

Keep Tabs on Who Comes and Goes

“The entertainment room is a mess again. Why did we never put a camera on that door?” Molly wondered. “Come to think of it, did the pool guy actually come by this week and check on our supplies? How can I figure out who is doing what and when it’s happening?” Molly pondered all this and then realized she just needed to check the Events tab in her pdqSMART Portal.

Audit trail

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